14c dating groundwater

Closed system conditions are assumed and no isotopic fractionation is considered.

GWRP supports applied research into the use of groundwater age information to improve our understanding of recharge in Principal Aquifers.

Groundwater recharge is often difficult to quantify because of its spatial and temporal variability and because of the challenges of measuring it directly.

However, recharge estimates are an important component of water budgets developed to accurately assess groundwater availability.

BETA Analytic’s final report includes the individual analysis method, the delivery basis, the material type, and the individual pretreatments applied.

Naturally occurring radioactive isotopes such as tritium and radiocarbon are ideal tools to date the groundwater.

By understanding the age of the groundwater, we can then determine how frequently the water is being replenished and how much of the resource is available for use.

Strong competition for this limited water resource means that understanding its hydrology is essential for sustainable groundwater management.

In this paper it is shown, that the reasons are assumption of to high C dilution by dissolved inorganic C (DIC) from microbiologically mediated mineralization of organic components in deep sediments.

To overcome these difficulties a new approach is applied evaluating the site-specific C source term (including the influence of nuclear atmospheric testing), and the already previously used overall dilution of DIC.


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