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The Name is also what is seen on screen prior to the block attribute text being incorporated into the block. Caption: When the block is inserted into the drawing, the Caption is what appears in the dialog box.

Many people get confused when it comes to creating custom Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats in Solid Works.

Next, let’s walk through how a Block Attribute can be added.

Click the Draw menu - Let’s discuss what these items represent: 1. It is what differentiates block attributes from one another.

For an example, we will use a simplified representation of a title block area in the image.

But as the project grows, you also need to update the drawing list regularly. The drawing list in Sheet Set will also grow if you use it. By using layout alone, we can get many benefits (read: 10 Reasons to Use Auto CAD Layout). But instead of managing files, it manages your sheets. You can create Subset under a Subset if you need to classify the drawing further. However, if you manage the drawings in Sheet Set properly you can publish multiple drawings faster. Sheet Set can be very useful, it gives more benefits than using regular layout. But there are many benefits of managing the drawings in Sheet Sets. You can use publish command without using Sheet Set Manager.Understanding what information is contained in each file and how they interact with each other is important to create a proper drawing template.Drawing Template File (.drwdot): As mentioned in the Drawing Template file, any existing sheet in the template already contains a Sheet Format.e Transmit is a great tool to pack and send your drawings.


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