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It's good to know that even with all that is going wrong in our country - the economic recession, the Gulf spill, Justin Bieber -- random girls on the internet are still messaging through social networks to tell me how attractive I am. Yeah, this is definitely a girl and her obviously hot friend I could bring home to Mom's Facebook page.

Here's a screen capture of my Facebook inbox, just so you can see for yourselves that this girl totally wants me. Things won't always go smoothly for America, that much is certain.

Identities have been hidden to protect the very sexy and desired. Not like the letters I usually receive which often begin, "Mr. But we can all rest assured that things will still go right for the certain few of us burning up Facebook's inboxes.

Notice the subject line which says only, "heyy :)." It contains an extra "y" as if to say, "Hi, I'm casual," and also, "WHY is this guy so hot? Every man dreams of a hot, monogamous relationship with two chicks at the same time. Greenhouse gases, an aging Sun, and the summer months are all keeping the U.

First, you can save the person they want in the list of friends and not lose in the endless series of strangers.

Second, you can write a text message to a guy or a girl, leave him / her a greeting, send a gift, etc.

Here at Cam Random's free group video chat rooms you can go crazy and be entertained to your hearts content!

You will find a lot of different characters here, along with plenty of sexy guys and girls, and if you get bored you can just hop on over to one of our other chatting choices such as the random stranger option.

Video chat, which are represented on our site is absolutely free.Regulars on social networks will agree: a friend always appears when you don't expect it.And the most important thing of all is that there are no limits to the acquaintances you make with our app—and we're not just talking geography, if you know what we mean.But you'll get your share of positive emotions, because the users of our app are all real men and women.And they all want the same thing you do: to find love. And if your date doesn't work out, nothing's stopping you keeping in touch with an interesting person who might become a firm friend for years to come.Unobtrusive communication can eventually develop into something more serious.


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