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The elevator’s upward ascent has been used as an illustration for success. If you do happen to be on it, and if the elevator goes fast, it can be a heady experience.

You step off a little dizzy; you’re alone, and your friends are at the bottom.

(chorus)Life gets harder every year Those with the least have the most to fear Those with the most just don't care When will the good times roll?

(chorus)The big corporations got no home And the men on the Hill got hearts of stone They worry my life like a dog with a bone When will the good times roll?

Center City Philadelphia's streets are close to teeming with horseties, and tiny statuettes flanking doorways like sleepy guards; if I pass within arms-breadth of them, I splay my fingers out so I can brush them as I walk, fingertips connecting with their cool roughness.

Group 1 Crew also feel this guilt in a recent song, Elevator Doors.

The elevator doors open to another level for him, but they seem to close in on his heart. His past self would have told him that he should be happy at this point, but he isn’t.

(chorus)Created for an event at the Asheville Arts Museum on March 23, 2003, this song was originally entitled 'Sing about Those Hard Times'.

That version dealt with the late 1920s and the Depression because the occasion was a celebration of the work of the great North American artist Ben Shahn (1898-1969).


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