Dating lessons for youth pastors

Dear Parents of Teenagers, Thanks for all you do to invest in the life of your teenager(s).

You probably feel like an uber driver (ready to pick them up/drop them off when they call), coach (helping them perfect their sport), tutor (working with them on homework), guidance counsellor (preparing them for the future) and, sometimes, a jockey (pushing them to cross the finish line...without a whip of course! That's why, with all the insane busyness of parenting a teen, it's easy to let youth group attendance slide off the grid.

And we have decided that youth group attendance must be a priority.

We exist to serve you in your mission of making disciples.

However, in my life, it’s proved to be pretty on point. It’s also important to view the other person as their own person, and as a child of God, not just someone who is there to make you happy and fulfill your needs.

Typically, these kinds of skills have already developed with people you call friends.

This is the story of how I went from being a successful youth minister to a convicted felon in three easy steps.

We should not have published this post, and we deeply regret the decision to do so.


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