Dating someone with schizoid personality

So I've been involved with someone- who I think may have SPD- for about 3 years, but up until someone suggested it to me, it never occurred to me.As I read up about it I see that more and more a lot of the traits fit him to one degree or another and I was looking for some advice on how to deal with it and also to hear anyone else's opinion as to if they think I am correct.I am married to a schizoid husband.that comes a lot of challenges....I am not going to elaborate on what schizoid is, because I am sure if you got to this message, you have a good idea of what it entales.

They generally are loners who prefer solitary activities and rarely express strong emotion.But over these few years there are some things I've picked up that lead me to believe that it really has nothing to do with me at all.One thing that tipped me off most was his talking to me about his ex girlfriend.He's always been distant and had a difficult time showing emotion- I've always taken it personal and thought that he didn't want to spend time with me or that I was doing something wrong.It led to some pretty nasty times to say the least.This page will explore the condition in more depth, looking into causes and symptoms as well as the recommended forms of schizoid personality disorder treatment.


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