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Kantha quilts are made from vintage cotton saris, making every blanket unique.

Merchants travel door-to-door in wealthier neighbourhoods, trading old saris for cooking pots and utensils.

The project is called 'Basha' which comes from the Bengali words for 'house' and 'hope'.

Bangladesh is a country of extremes, with densely-populated cities and remote rural villages.

The UN identifies Bangladesh as one of the 'least developed' countries in the world based on social and economic measures.

Our social enterprise partner has two locations in the capital, Dhaka, and a third office in the city of Mymensingh.

Estimates of the number of adherents to Wahhabism vary, with one source (Mehrdad Izady) giving a figure of fewer than 5 million Wahhabis in the Persian Gulf region (compared to 28.5 million Sunnis and 89 million Shia).Located in the Gulf of Mexico just at the edge of the Florida Everglades, Marco Island is a short distance from hiking, canoeing, kayaking and camping."You can go camping on platforms that are built right on the Everglades and then paddle from platform to platform setting up tents," says Chesak.The other was Sheikh Hamid bin Jassem al-Thani, a member of the royal family who was then prime minister.Writing in the Huffington Post, Swisher says that the talks failed.What on earth made President Donald Trump identify Qatar – with its longstanding relationship with the US and host to 10,000 American military personnel on the biggest airbase in the Middle East – as a “funder of terrorism”?


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