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Kristin Laura Kreuk did some stage works in school, but never did it cross her mind that she would someday in the future become a professional actress.

She got her first acting gig after joining an open casting audition for the Canadian teen drama series "Edgemont", being picked to play the role of Laurel Yeung.

But Welling’s job was made infinitely harder by the fact that it was also his first of that magnitude.

Welling had come to Los Angeles at 23 to do commercials and modeling, but soon after his arrival in 2000, he earned a six-episode arc on the critically acclaimed CBS drama Judging Amy. That set felt a world away from his friends and family, scattered across America, and Welling had no idea how to handle it.

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She doesn't even bother getting changed out of her pajamas and she just goes to deal with the situation. He loved her and she gave him a chance and it all blew up for him.But that mistake ended up informing his performance in an unexpected way.“There was a lot of growing up I needed to do on that show. D., Heroes Reborn, Gotham, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil currently dominating the landscape.“It's a compliment,” Welling said, thinking about the extensive superhero offerings on TV now.At least this is what I have been able to grasp from the data that is available… is not intended as a dissertation on my family history or the history of Jamaica itself, but more as a statement about how this quest has lead me to an unexpectedly immense feeling of connectedness. My grandmother was born in Jamaica of mixed descent. and I have been known to resemble a youthful tom cruise!!!Her grandfather had come from China to work the Panama Canal. Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian actress, born on 30th December 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Although, she did few stage work in school; Kristin officially started her acting career after her graduation.


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