Lesson plans on dating abuse prevention

This lesson plan offers a unique approach to learning about substance abuse as it focuses on student-directed activities.The activities allow students to explore the dangers of substance abuse and get directly involved in the prevention process.Utilize these cross-curricular teaching resources on alcohol and drug awareness to make sure your students get the facts.

It is important to demonstrate sensitivity to students while teaching this lesson.

Prevention occurs best drug-by-drug, because knowledge of the adverse consequences of one drug will not necessarily generalize to the use of other drugs.

Students' beliefs and attitudes are specific to each drug. What do young people generally think of others who do drugs?

As the students walk into the classroom, have them draw one card from the container and instruct them to read it to themselves and be prepared to read it aloud.

After all the students have received a card, you may elect to place the students in a circle or remain at their desks.


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