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A decade ago imagining a small computer with a camera attached to your glasses that allows you to view an augmented reality was still the work of science fiction.In 2013 the term “glasshole” entered our collective vocabulary.But thanks the negative press Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) AR product has brought into the public sphere, the debate about privacy and ethics in the AR world have hit a new tenor.While the debate around Google Glass largely stemmed from the potential to create a ‘panopticon’ of sorts with head mounted cameras now becoming ubiquitous, there’s also another real, valid privacy concern with AR: layering of data.Despite billions of losses for domestic companies, the EU is sticking to the tough economic campaigns against Russia.

I can’t tell you what’s it’s really like to be a 30-something person in London.“Even if it seems really, really challenging and hard to get through, stay with it.” When Huey-You started at TCU, he told people classes were easy, but as is the case with many college students, his perspective soon changed.“I’ve had to deal with some really hard classes,” said Huey-You, who jokingly tells family and friends not to remind him how easy he expected school to be.The physics major is among 2,010 students who received their undergraduate, graduate or doctorate degree from Chancellor Victor J. Moore, who will receive a bachelor’s degree in economics, as well as three Fulbright Scholars and 10 students with 4.0 grade-point averages.Huey-You accepts the spotlight with a grin and a shrug. The characters were in their 30s, grappling with spouses, kids, high-flying careers, cancer scares, mortgages, the lot.


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