North scott elementary schools consolidating

It's the only district in the state to share athletic teams across state lines — the Benton-Scales Mound football team is made up of Wisconsin and Illinois players. Scott Walker's state budget proposal calls for allowing small districts like Benton to take sharing to a whole new level, by allowing students in the same grade in two or more districts to be taught at a single site.Creating a whole-grade sharing agreement with one or more nearby districts is something Benton administrator Kyle Luedtke has never considered, in part because it's not allowed under current Wisconsin law.Our goal is to provide the best education for our students, whether it is safety, instruction, technology or extracurricular activities.We want the best of all worlds for each and every student we serve.With rural schools under constant financial pressure, it could be another way for Benton to cut costs.But sharing too much could come at a social price for residents who like the sense of community around their own schools and programs. "Our community supports the school and we have great facilities.Carson Educational Complex (BEST) to the Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy (CSK) with two 6-12 single gender academies on the CSK campus.Beginning with School Year 2017-2018, phase out the closure of Harper-Archer Middle School by serving only 7th and 8th grade at Harper-Archer next school year.

At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, Ansted Middle School will be closed, and Midland Trail High School will enroll students between sixth and 12th grades.“It will provide our students an enhanced curriculum,” George said, adding facilities will be more conducive for students.The vote followed 14 separate hearings beginning on April 25 regarding schools being considered for closure.Mission: The mission of the West Point Consolidated School District is to provide an educational system characterized by innovation, individualized instruction, and shared responsibility in a safe and supportive environment.Beliefs and Values: We will not compromise the quality of our educational purpose.Benton plays girls basketball, baseball and softball with nearby Shullsburg, and two students enrolled in physics drive eight miles to take the class at Shullsburg High School.


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