Phone conversation dating tips

And if you follow our ten tips, there’s not too much that can go wrong.

Even if you’re on excellent form, the same doesn’t necessarily apply to the person on the other end of the phone.

Generally speaking, when you are calling in a business context (making calls related to employment, finances, law, health or applications of any sort), you should show politeness by using words like: are perfectly acceptable, as long as the overall tone of your voice is polite and friendly.

If it is more of an informal phone conversation (speaking to a friend, family member, close work colleague or even a friend of a friend), then a high level of formality is usually not required, but you should still speak with a polite manner, as it is seen as respectful.

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On the rare chances that you do find yourself in a phone conversation, you may find it extremely enjoyable and you may not want it to end. Women love talking about themselves or some aspect of their lives.

She finally gives him her number and is surprised to hear his voice.

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He or she might have just had an unexpected (and unwelcome) visit, or burnt the dinner.

Communicating properly on the phone is especially important, as the person you are speaking to cannot see your facial movement or your body language.


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