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Hit up their website to view the skill levels, drink types, challenges, tips and tricks for this amazing talent.

Mixology can be learned by attending a class at a restaurant.

After these cheats have been set, you can now see the Public Room Marker.

You can also see two other silver orbs called Hidden Room Marker and Skip Level Marker.

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A nice perk to drinks is that they have a long life before going bad.

I will help and offer solutions/possible fixes for the ones that I can, your best bet is to just wait for a patch/fix/update from EA. Some of these errors can simply be fixed by removing mods and custom content [not made by EA] and that’s if you have any of it installed.

I’m sure there are more that aren’t here but make sure you read through this blog to make sure that it isn’t.

Edit Town / Town view Bulldozing removes the lot from the world. If there is a single title or one piece of a wall, bulldozing works properly.

But if there is nothing on the lot and you bulldoze it, that’s when the lot gets removed.


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