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We probably have Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to thank for that.

Facebook wasn’t built for dating, per se, but it seemed to be the big gateway for mass acceptance of socializing via the web.

(I have formulated plans for a small coffee and smoothie business and am weighing up investment opportunities for my dwindling savings so it’s not a complete fabrication.)The ‘U-word’ weighs heavy on my mind, years of media-led social conditioning have left me unable to hear the word “Unemployed” in a positive light, despite knowing that all it means is that I am not currently contributing to a social state that does not serve my interests.

It occurs to me that the society in which we live places so much value on the amount of money that we earn, it forgets entirely the absolute banality of how that money is earned.

The mundane daily drudgery that we ordinarily pull ourselves through just to subsist is glorified as long as the financial rewards are high enough.

The fact that I have chosen to depart from this game entirely and am seeking my own path should, at least in my less-than-humble opinion, be revered as brave.

• Be creative when buying your fruit, pick either just one type of fruit or try to find a nice match like Banana-Strawberry for example. You don’t need a whole lot to achieve a decent potency. You can follow the link to a recipe for producing very potent cannabutter below this blog.

It’s more important to find a good way to get the THC and CBD from your buds into your smoothie, without having to chew on calyxes and leaves all the time. The other option is to just follow the following method with milk and cream. You take about 1-4g of dank bud and grind it all up. You mix the milk with the cream and heat this mixture to a temperature of 60-70°C. Now happily sprinkle these wonderful herbs in your milk-cream mix and carefully heat it up to a low temperature.

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Likewise, if you go on a date with someone and realize you don’t want to go out again, say so! You can learn a lot about someone from their profile, and it’s important to look for someone who will be your match on paper.

It’s relatively fast and easy to make cannabis infused smoothies.

This blog will give you a detailed recipe as well as some ideas of how to customize it in order to get satisfying results.

As hard as it is to risk hurting someone’s feelings, stringing them along just prolongs the agony for both of you. I was convinced that the first online guy I went on a real live date with was The One. But one thing you can’t know is whether there will be any spark, attraction, or connection in real life. This is the notion that we don’t get enlightened by grudgingly doing our practice, we do it by having fun.

Practice truthfulness by being up front about your feelings. I had checked out his profile, exchanged a few messages, and just knew. The Sanskrit word is translated as detachment or renunciation. Even if we know within 30 seconds that a second date with someone isn’t going to happen, we’ve still probably got at least an hour before we can gracefully make an exit. Or how can you use it to otherwise open your heart and become a more compassionate being?


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