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We also know that Google , the social network created by You Tube's parent company, is struggling. And so a very natural idea to arise from this scenario would suggest that You Tube could be a pretty badass social network, if it wanted to. The company's been on a consolidation spree, cutting services left and right — RIP Reader — and has always longed for a real Facebook competitor, a Google social network that people actually use and love. We look forward to being given the opportunity to introduce you to new people, and maybe even help you to meet your perfect match.

Cela fait un peu plus de 2 mois que nous sommes ensemble, on vient de se mettre en ménage et tout va pour le mieux. J'étais déjà rassurée après avoir parlé avec toi au téléphone quelques jours auparavant et aujourd'hui, je dois dire que mes "a priori" concernant la formule speed dating ont disparu.Our work focuses on the following areas: Further information on intercultural education, intercultural training, online journals and bibliographies can be found in our collection of online resources.At WEdate.be, we run regular speed dating and slow dating events in Brussels, for people just like you.If fact, Google's considered this idea, and its research arm even published a paper titled "The You Tube Social Network." You Tube, by any stretch of the imagination, will not be facing off against Facebook any time soon. Meanwhile, You Tube appears to be the place where everybody comes together. Je tiens à te remercier et à te féliciter pour cette soirée (Speed-dating à Liège) à laquelle tu m'as permis de participer.Increased globalisation and cultural diversity in everyday (business) life mean that intercultural communication skills are required in many areas of professional life, and the demand for qualified Intercultural Trainers is rising accordingly.


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