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Which makes it hardly surprising that many of us often (and some too often) turn to that ol’ devil called booze to help us out every now and then.And as that wise figure – and in my eye’s unlikely gay icon – Homer Simpson once said: “Alcohol is the cause, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” But putting this profound insight aside, experts have more seriously referred to alcoholism as the grandaddy of gay health problems.Very open-minded and I like to think that I'm a gentle and kind person who's always willing to try new things in life. Helpful advice from friends who have formed a peer review panel to ensure my profile reflects the best side of me. Anyway, I have chosen to ignore them and let fate decide whether my own ramblings will charm the pants off anyone (figuratively speaking at this point).I shall kick off by mentioning running (I do quite a lot of it, but you don't have to! Mostly because I love it but also because I adore eating which brings me to my next passion.Just take a look at these famous faces who’ve embraced sobriety and can’t stop banging on about its benefits.It’s time to swap the mojitos for cocktails this Dry January. It's just something that I genuinely don't have a desire for."Florence used to be a big drinker, but apparently she decided to tone it down when the lifestyle became too much and she even appeared smashed on MTV news.Agree with Paul Joseph Watson or not, it’s hard not to be charmed by his ranting Sheffield accent and geek-chic glasses.

I'd really like to find someone to skydive, star-gaze and hike up waterfalls with all over the world.I made a You Tube video questioning Hillary’s health and it went completely viral and re-started a huge firestorm.This coincided with Hillary’s poll numbers collapsing (like her on September 11th), and even the Washington Post had to end up admitting they were wrong for calling people like me “conspiracy theorists”.We meet three men who managed to get through the ups and downs of life’s big, gay rollercoaster, without needing a stiff drink to do it.It’s easy to call those who turn their back on alcohol “boring”, but perhaps it’s those of us (me included) who rely on alcohol to ease and block out the difficulties of social, emotional and sexual situations that are the ones looking for answers in the wrong places.I love really good food and enjoy either rustling up something yummy at home, or going out for a nice meal - afternoon tea is a bit of an addiction.


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