Updating rails

Last week at Rails Conf the first release candidate of Rails 4.0 was announced.

This makes it a great time to try upgrading your own projects to Rails 4 so that you can see if they work and report any bugs that you find.

patch version bump = updates to jquery-ujs, jquery-rails, and patch-level updates to j Query minor version bump = minor-level updates to j Query major version bump = major-level updates to j Query and updates to Rails which may be backwards-incompatible See to see which versions of jquery-rails bundle which versions of j Query. Many thanks are due to all of the jquery-rails contributors.

The jquery and jquery-ujs files will be added to the asset pipeline and available for you to use. Special thanks to Jango Steve for tirelessly answering questions and accepting patches, and the Rails Core Team for making jquery-rails an official part of Rails 3.1.

It’s a good idea to do this in a separate branch so we’ll create one now.

In Rails 4 the production environment will not try to dynamically generate any assets by default and use the static precompiled assets and to go along with this change the assets are now intended to be precompiled in the production environment. Outdated gems included in the bundle: * builder (3.2.0 is way off and this is because it couldn’t find a newer version compatible with Rails 4.

In this post, I would like to summarize the practices that I follow when upgrading to major Rails releases, which have been pretty common for me since Rails 2.

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If your app stops working or your tests start failing, it can be pretty hard to figure out which gem update broke it.Every application is different, so is the upgrade process.However, I am quite sure you would find some similarities and valuable information here that would help you with your Rails apps upgrade, so keep reading.My decision to upgrade to a new version of Rails usually comes from finding one or two awesome features that I’d really need.Frankly, I don’t do it for the sake of running the latest & greatest.We added the required pieces throughout the past year, and, looking back, breaking the upgrade into three major steps was easier to manage than trying to cram it into a single deploy.


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