Updating streets and trips 2016

Since all these are traditional software products, the retirement of these products will not affect software already installed.

Current users may continue to use Microsoft Auto Route, Microsoft Streets & Trips and Microsoft Map Point to plan their travel adventures and Microsoft will provide online support until at least July 2015.“The success of these products would never had happened were it not for the loyal and supportive fans who purchased the product and its various iterations over the years,” shares Larry Petersen, test lead for Microsoft Streets & Trips.

Only the many Access reports I have developed over the years keeps me from doing that.

In an age of GPS apps, portable navigation devices, and even online HTML GPS clients, it's getting tougher and tougher to justify PC-based maps software.

Microsoft has ended some of its long-running franchises like Encarta and Flight Simulator, but Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 (.95 direct) is still kicking around.

I used MS S&T for quick evaluation of routes for trip planning, and also as a "just-in-case" to my GPS when traveling since I had the version with the (now useless) GPS receiver. " The screen-shot is after I had already received the warning and gone through the Repair/Reinstall procedures using the original installation media.

They are not far from making enough of my software obsolete that Linux becomes a viable alternative.


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