Women dating playbook

Help the young men in your life build healthy, non-violent relationships by teaching them early about the importance of respect, particularly for women.

We often hear, "well, I'm not violent, so I never thought to have a conversation with my kids about what a healthy relationship looks like." What's important to remember is that young people are getting messages on what to think and how to act all the time—from you, their peers, the media, other adults in their life, and more.

Talking about respect for women is important and will build a solid foundation for positive attitudes and relationships in the years to come. Encourage open, honest, and thoughtful reflection about relationships.

Allow kids—especially boys—to express their ideas and expectations for the relationships in their life.

They’ll tell you about how a good-looking woman can date anybody she wants and how you have to have some amazing attributes in order to have a chance with the desirable woman.

This drives me absolutely crazy, because it’s just not reality.


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